Monday, August 31, 2009

I blaming this on Ted!

Sorry Ted. Let me clarify this for folks. As you all know it had been sometime since I had updated this blog. Feeling a bit hesitant for fear of a "jinx". (See previous blog entry.) Well, Ted, Cindy's brother, commented that I was being a bit of a slacker - my words not his - in posting. So I posted. Now we jinxed it!

Last Friday Cindy started running a low grade fever. She felt pretty good over all, a little congested as well as the fever, but ok. Her white cell count was very high on Friday but the Physician Assistant and nurses just said that was due to the neulasta shot she got last week. (Mind you it has never spiked that high before with other shots) Cindy and I thought she might have an infection, but were told it was fine. By Sunday morning she had a temp of 103 and a heavy feeling in her chest. This required a trip to the Emergency Room where she was later admitted into the hospital for pneumonia. Her oxygen levels were low and her WBC was still very high. She has been receiving antibiotics, a whole bunch of fluids and oxygen and this morning her levels have improved. Her white cell count is coming down. It is very likely that she will be in the hospital for another day or so, mainly as a precaution to get a good handle on the pneumonia and not allow it to progress. Her spirits are relatively high considering all. She just wants to get better and get home!

This really isn't Ted fault but I haven't seen him for so long and I needed to hassle him. :). I promise to keep you all posted on her progress. And let you know when she gets home. As always thanks for the support and prayers.

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