Wednesday, August 26, 2009

keeping our fingers crossed and prayers said

I must admit that I have been a bit hesitant to blog in that it might "jinx" how Cindy is feeling. Last Thursday was the first of the new chemo treatment, and ..... her systems seems to be tolerating the taxol somewhat better. Usually by this time after a treatment she is at an all time low. She had become dehydrated and feeling really, really yucky! But...knock on wood, she is maintaining fluids and not quite as dehydrated. The nausea has been kept in check and while she is extremely exhausted and feeling like she is getting the flu, both side effects of the taxol, she is doing ok.

We will take as many "good" days as given and be grateful for them. Ali is now down at Snow College and adjusting to life as a co-ed. Meg started 10th grade today. (how did that happen!) The remodel is moving along and in fact Meg is almost back into her room. (it is cute as can be by the way) and Reed maintains a steady watch over all.

Their freezer is now bursting at the seams with food from neighbors and friends and while all is not quite right in the world, for this moment it is just a bit better than it has been. It is these brief moments and the support of family and friends and of course the Lord that will get Cindy through the rough times still ahead.

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  1. Hope you continue to feel well Cindy! (relatively speaking....) We love you! :)

  2. You are in our constant prayers, or in our prayers constantly. Thanks, Libby for the report. Continued love and thinking of you from our end.

  3. such happy news (well, relatively speaking). i guess if flu symptoms are better, bring on the flu. we love you mom! our fingers are crossed and we continue to send prayers and positive thoughts across the universe to you.