Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There's no place like home

Cindy is coming home from the hospital. We are very grateful. Her hematocrit levels are still very low but through the night they started building themselves up and the doctors have decided against a transfusion. Her white counts have reached a good level. She is weak and tired and still having trouble breathing deeply, because of the pneumonia. But they are giving her oxygen and she gets to go home.

Thursday was to be treatment 6 of chemo. They will hold off one week and allow a little more time to heal. For those who have been through this it is not unusual. It will be good to allow her body the extra week to recover before going through this again.

Cindy wants all to know that while she cannot talk to each of you, she loves you all and thinks of you daily. It is difficult for her to talk on the phone and often she is downstairs, away from the house remodel noise and does not have a phone in that bedroom. She is not ignoring you, she just can't hear the phone nor is able to really talk much. But she loves you all and knows that you care. I have passed along all the emails and notes I have received. Thank you all.

Let's all keep prayers said that she will continue to heal and be strong for the next treatment.

posted by libby


  1. Cindy you are such a strong woman! We will continue to pray and think of you often.

    Tyler and Stacy

  2. There's no place like home!!!!! Healing happens there so much better then the hospital. Wow, what a whirl wind you are in. Refining comes in so many ways and none of us would want each others. It is a perfect plan but so painful at times. I am so proud of you!
    I love getting the information.
    I Love you

  3. Cindy you're in our prayers.We love you.
    Linda and Doug.

  4. Cindy our prayers and support are with you.

    Love you
    Janell and Carey

  5. Cindy our thoughts are with you and we are so glad that you are able to be home. I told you about Derald having his knees done, he is home now also and is doing good but also has to be on oxygen for a little while, I think he just forgets to breath when he is doing therapy. We love you and our prayers are with you Love Janet

  6. Life is so incredibly challenging. My heart aches as I read the treacherous chemo treatment path. You are amazing as you endure it well. The hills and valleys of the treck are so hard. Keep your head toward heaven and remember all that HE has done for us. I still can't even imagine it, but I know there is purpose. It's hard to find the purpose most days when you're right in it. I find sometimes we take one step forward and about four backwards. I don't know why it has to be so difficult. It feels like forever, but this too shall pass. Your experience will give you strength and it already has proven to give many others amazing strength. The patience and endurance you possess along with your attitude will get you through. Our prayers are endless for you and you are constantly in our hearts and minds. Keep up the fight. We'll continue to watch from afar. Thanks Libby for keeping us updated (even when it's not the greatest news; for when the good news comes, it is even more precious). Thanks for letting us share this refiner's fire with you. We love you.