Saturday, September 26, 2009

More than skin deep

Chemo treatment 7 is completed! Cindy continues to amaze us all. The other night we had a baby shower at our home. Cindy waited until towards the end of the event to come over and there were mainly young, beautiful women left visiting with the mother to be. The rest of us older folks were in the kitchen area starting to clean up. I was standing next to Cindy near the dining room table and a very sharp and attractive young mother in her late 20's or early 30's stepped up to us, looked Cindy in the eyes and said, "May I just tell you how absolutely gorgeous you look." Cindy's head was wrapped in one of her cool scarfs that either Erica or Shauna had given or made for her. She was stunning. I notice that Cindy carries herself more confidently in her scarfs than in other head attire. I told her it empowers her! She glows, so to speak, and it is not the radiation because she hasn't started that yet. Cindy doesn't know how physically beautiful she is. Cori and I often tease her and are amazed that someone so good looking is our friend and how she doesn't mind being seen with out of shape, not so gorgeous but rather jolly us! It is because Cindy gets it. Her soul is even more beautiful than her body.

Final Chemo will be Oct 8, 2009. We cannot wait! I've already warned the Cancer Center that we plan on a P A R T Y!


  1. Cinny-
    You are radiant! And Libby is right, it is not from any outside influence! You have earned the glow reserved for those who have endured and triumphed. We are fully aware that this is not over, that there are still miles to go. But you have proven your mettle, to yourself and others. What a fine woman you are.

  2. Wish I could express myself as well as my sisters. When blessings get counted, you are right there at the top of my list. Our hearts will be there on October 8th having a party right along with you!

  3. Cindy: You rock! The sweetness of your inner spirit seems to be spilling out of you now more than ever. The physical beauty goes without saying. We were on our way home from Zion's with some friends yesterday and somehow the topic landed on Thatcher Arizona and Snowflake Arizona, aren't you from one of those 2 towns???? Jordan is moving to a remote place in Arizona called Eloy- outside of Arizona City??? It is a big skydiving place and he will be a full-time pilot. I still have the sniffles so will stay away until they are completely gone. Love & hugs- Mary

  4. Cindy, You are without a doubt, your mothers daughter. I am sure she is looking down at you and just unbelievably proud at how you are handling this life changing moment. We are proud of you as well. Stay strong. We love you. LeGrand & Susan