Thursday, July 30, 2009

update - nothing clever to say about dry heaves!

The nausea has been extreme these past few days. It required a trip to the Cancer Center where it was discovered that there has been an excessive weight loss this past week. Cindy was severely dehydrated, fatigued and in need of fluids. She received two units of fluids, powerful anti nausea medicine and steroids. Her hematocrit level continues to fall, which again is to be expected but are now to a new low level. What is of most concern is her ability to fight infection. Cindy's ANC, Absolute Neutrophil Count, remember those are the marines in the army of white blood cells that fight infection, are non existent. 0.0 , nil, Nada, nothing! It is for this reason that I have not seen, nor hugged, nor been within the same room as Cindy since last Saturday, because I have a lousy cold. Thanks to Karen for taking her downtown and meeting Reedo at the Doctor's office. If even a sniffle or headache is felt by any of you, please stay away. Cindy must keep a check on her temperature for the least sign of fever or infection.

The fluids she received today have helped already. She is home, trying to rest and just waiting for the day to pass. New medicine has been ordered and Karen set up a spreadsheet tracking table for her. A quiet night with restful sleep is something Cindy looks forward to. Perhaps we will adopt the attitude of Scarlett O'Hara, for tomorrow is another day!

This too shall pass...hopefully a little sooner than later!

posted by Libby


  1. Oh Mom, Hang in there! We love you and hate that you're feeling weak and pukey. We are grateful for your dear friends (and dad) who are taking care of you!


  2. It breaks my heart reading this Cindy. Dave and I and our family love you, and you are in our every prayer. We are here for you if we can do anything, as I know many, many dear friends and family are. Please let us help you somehow. Talk with you soon - Love, Becky and Dave

  3. Cindy wanted to let you know we are continuing to pray for you. We love you and your family.

  4. Keep hanging in there. Holding strong at a time like this is inspirational to all who read these words. Thanks to Libby for keeping it current. Thanks for Cindy to keeping it alive. I'm so sorry you have to struggle. I hate what this cancer does to bodies. You really have to show it who is boss. Be strong and know that many are behind you. We love you up here in Oakley.

  5. Hi cindy! Wish more than anything that I could bring Little Layla over to meet you. Especially because you have been so sweet to me while we waited for her to come to our family. How is Meg doing? Did she start tennis with another instructor? If not, I would be happy to keep teaching her and my mom can watch Layla. You are beautiful and strong and I look up to your courage everyday!
    Love Shannon Day and Layla

  6. What a great friend Libby is! Thanks, Libby, Corey and the rest of you for doing so much! You will be blessed immeasurably, which I'm sure you have been every day with Cindy's strong and sweet spirit close by. What a blessing to be so close and see Cindy each day. We love you for all that you do, and thanks for keeping these updates available to us all! We love you so much Cindy. Thanks for blessing all of our lives each day.