Saturday, July 11, 2009

"now what was i doing?"

Chemo brain. One of the lesser-known side effects of chemotherapy, which is getting more recognition, is cognitive dysfunction commonly called "chemo-brain". People who have chemo-brain may find themselves unable to concentrate on their work, or unable to juggle multiple tasks. Some find they don't remember things as well as they used to. After our last visit with the Oncologist, she confirmed that Cindy was indeed experiencing this side effect. The good news is that it is a side effect of the chemo is not long lasting. Once the chemo is complete she will begin to see an improvement in her cognitive thinking. She will be back to multi tasking without a hitch. It may take a year, possibly two, but she will be back to "normal". (hmmm - wonder what my excuse is!) Now we can't tease Cindy with "dumb blond" jokes. dang! Especially cause she's not even blond anymore!!!

Thursday was round two of chemo treatments. As Reedo says, 2 down, 6 to go! While round 1 got the best of Cindy, she seems to be handling round 2 just a little better. Her blood counts were up, as well as her energy and mental state. She was ready to enter the ring this time without hesitation, gloves on and prepared to do battle. What a gal! She received a second shot of Neulasta which is to help keep her white blood cell count from becoming deficient.

It has been two days since the treatment. She is tired, a bit sick and generally feeling crappy, but she does not feel like she was hit by the mack truck she was hit by last time. Two days down. Just a few more days and she should be on the up swing again.

Erica was here and got to go to treatment with her. What a delight. Talk ab0ut a bit of sunshine in a dreaded task. Connie Bailey taught Cindy a new crochet stitch. Cindy and Reed are back into her own beautiful bedroom, and with all things considered life is, as Parker says, "doin good".

Erica and Cindy are showing their sad faces after just pining on our "Cancer Sucks" pin. Now "sucks" is a word I generallly refrain from using. I don't like it. But in this case, it just seems appropriate!


  1. Cindy: So glad you are doing a little better and have an appetite. Who could pass up Cori's chicken and mashed potatoes. Maybe you should wait a while before her pork and peppers though. Bald is beautiful and easy to care for! Cooler for the summer too. I've been weeding Shannon and Kevin's yard while they are CA spending time with Layla, Marie Day. I will fill you in on their details if you will send me your regular email address. Maybe we could crochet together when you feel up to company. Love and hugs- Mary

  2. Hang in there Cindy. We love you and we're thinking of you!
    Sue and Steve

  3. Cindy,

    I just heard about what you are going through today. You look so good. I will let the rest of the family know. We love you! We will all keep you in our prayers. Love Kelly (LeGrand's middle kid) :o)

  4. Only you could go through Chemo and still look fabulous! We wish we could have seen you last week...but just know we were praying for you that day!

  5. Cindy, Jessica wanted me to let you know she is praying for you. She asks about you all the time in her letters. We all love you and are praying for you.

  6. Those are the greatest pics of you and Erica! What a sweet angel she is. I'm so glad to hear that round two is going a little smoother. You are always in our prayers. You are as gorgeous bald as you were with hair...and Reedo's not half bad either! Wish we could be there to hug you, but hope you can feel the 'virtual hug' through the web. Love you, love you, love you.

  7. Cindy you look beautiful. 2 rounds done YEAH! Hope and pray for lots of good days. Your always in our families prayers.