Monday, June 18, 2012

In 1939 the Ministry of Information (MOI) department was formed in Great Britain and was responsible for publicity and propaganda during World War II.  By July of 1940,  enemy war bombers and fighter planes filled the skies above England.  The Netherlands, Belgium, and France had already fallen, and the war machine was now aimed at Britain.

To calm fears of an impending invasion, the MOI printed a number of morale boosting posters to serve as a rallying cry to bring out the best in its citizenry. One of them, written in white capital letters on a brilliant red background with King George’s crown at the top, read "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.”   Mercifully the invasion of England never occurred, and the posters saw limited distribution.

Nearly 60 years later, one of the original posters was found in an old English bookstore. Suddenly, the call to "keep calm and carry on” had new life. The message of resilience has since resounded in the hearts of people everywhere. Who's life has not taken unexpected turns? Who hasn’t faced days of disappointment, discouragement, and loss, or had to address seemingly insurmountable challenges?

These five words are a quiet, calm, authoritative voice of reason suggesting we downplay the drama, keep steady, exercise restraint, and rely on the strength within, as well as prayers to our Father above to keep going. 

 While she senses an urgency to accomplish a few tasks, for the most part Cindy has adopted this slogan as her own.  Radiation seems to be taking it's toll and she finds herself tired, nauseated, suffering from the occasional headache and having general feeling of being disconnected.  But none of these symptoms keeps her down.  She is truly AMAZING.

Last weekend two of her sisters came up from Arizona for a much needed visit.  They were able to stay several days and help Cindy with some tasks that sisters can do best.  But most importantly, time was spent hugging, crying, laughing and cheering.  

Ali and Chloe arrived Monday, thanks to the generous support of Ali's husband, Jordan, and mother-in-law, Michelle.  Chloe adds a dose of new life that is desperately needed around here.  We can hardly wait for Stella and Anton to join her on Wednesday!  Of course we are equally excited to welcome Jason and Erica, but there is something special about a grandchild.

This past Thursday 4 of the 9 Adams boys arrived to rally round their baby sister.  For those unaware, Cindy is the youngest of 13 children, 9 boys, 4 girls.  In addition 2 of my own sisters came running.  The other night we all gathered, along with Reedo's sister and brother-in-law, for an Alaskan Salmon bbq.  There was salmon, grilled zucchini, steak, corn on the cob, potatoes. watermelon, salad and chocolate pecan caramel bars.  Yummers.  The boys cooked and we all ate and ate and ate and finally stopped when we were so full we couldn't move.  Her brothers continued to feed her soul.

 They dug up old dirt and set down new soil and then planted flowers, which her sisters had helped her pick out, along her front sidewalk.  Her garden drip system is now working like a charm.    I even benefited and got my front lights, which broke in the December '11 windstorm, reattached to the wall.  A few plumbing items were fixed as well.  LeGrand, Ed and Jim had to return home to Arizona on Monday, but Don, from Alaska, remains and spends his days mostly in the yard and garden.  Cindy's favorite spots.

After Cindy's normal daily radiation treatment Thursday we met with her Radiation Oncologist.  He gave her a little medication to take when she needs it to help with nausea.  Then he asked her to see if she could curl her toes on her left foot.  I wanted to jump out of my seat when I saw her tiny toes bend ever so slightly.  Dr. Harris, who has the most calm demeanor there is, smiled broadly and said "That's good.  That is really good!"  Being able to curl her toes gives a good indication that the radiation treatments are working on shrinking those nasty lesions.  Later that afternoon, Cindy and Reed met with another doctor who will be performing the biopsy on the tumor in her lung.  It was decided that the RFA would not be done on this lesion right now.  Instead, it will be used as a "marker" during chemotherapy treatment. Once it is determined that the right drugs are being used, and the cancer cells begin to be destroyed, they can readdress removing it.

Sunday was bittersweet as Cindy was released from her calling as the Relief Society President for our ward.  She will now be able to put every bit of energy into addressing her "bucket list", as she calls it without feeling the guilt of putting less energy into the needs of the ward.  She of course, will continue her care, concern and contact with all because that is just part of her being; but she will not have the burden of stewardship that the calling demands.

All in all it has been a pretty fantastic week.  Time seems to be flying too quickly. Getting through with the radiation in the next week and a half will be welcomed.  In the meantime, we will keep steady with the mantra:  "Keep Calm and Carry On!"


ps.  fyi Cori gave Cindy a journal to keep a record of her thoughts, feelings, instructions, etc., during her journey.  The cover displays this slogan.  And another friend recently gave her a carry bag with the same poster screen printed on it.


  1. Cindy, We love you! We think of you and your family often and are praying for you!
    -Sam & Laura

  2. I wept...but we will keep calm and carry on!! California prayers are constant!! Love you Cinny!!

  3. That is a great motto! Your family is constantly in our thoughts. We appreciate the updates and continue to pray for your family. Love, Joe and Julianne

  4. I love it. You are in my thoughts and prayers always dear friend. I'm so proud of your strength. You are amazing. Love and positive thoughts. Sharon

  5. We love you. I am sorry I didn't get to come with the boys, but the last thing you needed was to catch whatever I have this time. I promise LeGrand and I will both make it up as soon as I am better. Love you, Susan

  6. Thanks for sharing, I want to also adopt that idea of keeping calm and carrying on. I have a long time friend, Terry, who is facing inoperable pancreatic cancer and she is not LDS, but one of the most committed Christians I have ever met. She has several biological children, but has also fostered MANY children and adopted several of those - two who are preschoolers now. She has written a book about parenting and traveled all over lecturing about parenting foster kids. Her blog has been very inspiring for me and if you are interested in checking it out you can go to: Love you so much, Cindy. Thanks for the 9 months of leadership and care as our R.S. President.-- Mary

  7. Cindy- I just read with sadness that your cancer has returned. As I sit here with tears on my face, I remember so many wonderful things about you and what an inspiration you are to so many. Although we don't get to see each other often, we pick up right where we left off when we see each other again. I have such fond memories of our BYU days and what a fun roommate you were. We were such a fun group. I loved seeing the pictures of you with your brothers who came to support you. You could just feel their love by looking at the pictures. Please know of my love and prayers. Be strong and of good courage. Give Reed our love also. Love ya!

  8. Thank you so much for these updates. My Grandpa is Larry, Cindy's older brother who passed away in 2008. It brings me so much happiness to hear about the time and love spent between all of his siblings. I know that all of us wish we could be there together! Cindy is amazing, in every way, and I know that she is stronger than all of us in these times. I love you so much, Aunt Cindy!!! Keep Calm and Carry On! Sending loves and prayers, Megan & the AZ fam :)

  9. You are so full of grace and love and I miss seeing you at church. You deserve every bit of love and prayers coming your way! We're keeping faith and praying hard for you.
    The days

  10. Carry On, Carry On, Carry on! Love those words. It's what we must all do. You have a way of doing it with so much integrity and grace! Love you Cindy.