Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Garden Is Growing

I know it's kind of sad that Libby has to be the one to announce the birth of our first grandchild on my blog. However sad it is, I am very grateful for Libby - cuz I just don't blog. Just this morning she called to tell me to check Jason and Erica's blog to see the latest pictures of my granddaughter. She's my "keeper of the blogs" and she does a mighty fine job. Writing comes naturally for Libby and Cori - they are the best. I've decided that's why I don't blog more takes me too long to write. So, to keep things short, I will get to the point....

Last Saturday Reedo and I again tilled our garden and prepared it for planting...starting over with new seeds and fresh turned earth. I've always loved kneeling, digging and feeling the dirt in my hands, especially on a warm Spring day to the sound of birds singing. It's therapy for my soul. The potatoes, carrots, beets, swiss chard and lettuce are in the ground and hopefully, if our ground is good and we have the right amount of sunshine and water, they will soon be pushing their way through the dirt. Soon after, some will need thinning so they can grow to their full potential. We will tend and weed and admire their growth. Our favorite summer dinner consists of only what comes out of our garden. Hopefully there will be something good to harvest.

So it is with life..we only harvest what we put into it and what is important is what is right here at home. We will still have plenty of compost, you can be sure, but we will be patient gardeners, nourishing it with as much know how that we have, make that compost productive, weed and water it, pray for sunshine and and hope for a good harvest. Some growing things just have a longer growing season and require a whole lot more maintenance. Like the sweet juicy pineapple - growing season of about 20 months. Zuchinni takes two. I happen to like both.


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  2. you are a beautiful writer. you are a beautiful woman. you are my beautiful friend!