Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No News is .... and by the way Happy Birthday

No news really is good news! However, I do apologize for not keeping up this post.

The past month and 1/2 have been, dare I say, good. Cindy has/is recovering well from surgery with just minor issues to be addressed in that regard. Radiation has been on going since Thanksgiving. While the surgeon is very confident that he was able to remove all of the cancer cells within the main tumor and lymph nodes the Radiation Oncologist was slightly concerned with the star burst pattern seen in the pathology report from the tumor. So to be safe and confident they have simply decided to increase the amount of radiation to some areas. Cindy is all "tattooed" up (the tattoes are so they can line her up with the radiation machine exactly the same each time) and has been receiving daily radiation treatments. She should be done New Years Eve! What a way to say adieu to the old and ring in the new!

The main side affect of her radiation treatment is fatigue, but in her words it's not too bad. Her doctors remind her to take it easy - so I don't have to nag! She is out shopping today with Reedo. He took the day off for her birthday and they are getting in some Holiday cheer. Peach fuzz has appeared on her head and as a special gift to her the first things that grew back were her eyelashes and eyebrows. She remains as gorgeous as ever! (I think I'm going to miss her scarves and hats. She is one classy looking lady in her fancy scarves).

During this season of Thanks and Gift giving we are most thankful for the gift of Cindy's life. I am breathing just a bit easier because, I know many of you are like me and cannot possibly imagine life without her!!!!

Happiest of birthdays dear friend!

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