Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And so it begins....

Here we are at the UCS - Utah Cancer Specialists. Cindy is receiving her first Chemo treatment! They have given her anti nausea medicine by the arm load! And then she will take Emend capsules for the next three days to help with the nausea as well. She is on a regiment of DD-AC-T 4 times with treatment every two weeks for 8 weeks. These treatments will take just about an hour each. Once this is done she will take Taxol for another 4 treatments every two weeks. These sessions will be a bit longer because it is a slow drip - about 4 hours at the center. In four short months she will be done. Yippee! We have decided not to spell out every drug but just know that for now she is getting two Chemotherapy Drugs as well as a drug to stimulate the type of white blood cells which helps to fight infection.

The chairs are very comfy and Reed wants one for his new office. She enjoys a great view of Mt. Olympus but she does wish Reed would bring his chain saw next time to cut down the telephone poll that is right in the middle of her view! There are plenty of warm blankets in the oven (We want one of those at home for her!) and a stock pile of snacks and drinks and treats and movies. So far - so good!

Later this afternoon Cindy will have a port-a-cath put in so that they will not have to poke her veins so much. It will be about a 45 minute surgery, but she should be home tonight in her own bed, resting well!

Thanks to all for the love and support and prayers. We shall overcome

posted by Libby


  1. Thank you for keeping us informed! What a great idea to have Libby's expertise to ease the communication process. We LOVE you, Cindy, and will have you in our constant prayers and thoughts. You will win this battle with Reed by your side and all of us will be cheerleaders. We are so impressed with your writing talents and allowing us to be a part of your healing process.

    Much love, Bruce & Kathleen

  2. Oh cindy we are praying for you and rooting for you! We love you!! We know how tough you are and that you can do this!

  3. Well, the nurse half of me was thrilled to hear about the port-a-cath. Now I don't have to ask about it. It sounds like they have thought your treatment through very well. Legrand and I will continue to pray for you. We know you will overcome this. Love you, LeGrand and Susan

  4. Let's see if we can get James Christensen to scale the telephone pole and paint a whimsical scene in it! Or we can hang one of those scrolling neon signs that says "Heal...Heal...Heal"

  5. Cindy, Our prayers will begin and end with you! As always, you are an inspiration to us. Thank you for that. We will do as you wish and pray for the doctor's and the medicine to do their job well. We miss you guys, as always.
    Jeanette and Jeff and Ross

  6. The sun will come out and until it does we are right with you in love and spirit. You are truly my hero.

  7. Aunt Cindy. I just wanted to send my love and let you know we are praying hard and cheering you on. Love you guys lots. Tami

  8. Thank you for keeping us posted from 1000 miles away. Makes us feel closer. Just wish we could actually be there to give hugs and whatever you need. And I know you don't want to list the chemo drugs, but I have to admit I'm curious to know...feel free to send any medical stuff my way... ;) Hang in there, Cindy. We love you!