Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chemo is yucky!

For those who have gone through this before you can attest to the fact that Chemotherapy treatment is yucky! Every body reacts differently and even though they tell you that "typically most people react" one way that often doesn't help because ... well ... every body is different. Our poor little Cindy was hit by a brick wall yesterday and then run over by a dump truck! (figuratively speaking. And I believe that truck was full of a lot of compost, if you get my drift!). Within 20 minutes of leaving UCS - the Cancer Center she began feeling woozy! She developed a major headache and was nauseated all day. It didn't help that she was unable to eat anything prior to her treatment, due to the fact that she had to go into surgery later in the day and could not eat from midnight on, the night before. She was weak and tired and sick! But bless her heart - she mustered up enough strength and went to the surgical center - white as a ghost mind you - but they put her under and inserted the port-a-cath without incident.

The Surgeon came out to talk to us, while Cindy was in recovery. He was positive and upbeat and said "this is going to work". He was sure the Chemo was going to kill the cancer and shrink the tumor! Earlier in the day, Cindy and I talked about the fact that she was so sick so soon and that maybe it was a "good thing" because we know that the Chemo is in her body and killing all those cancer cells.

This morning, Karen brought over a bowl of fresh fruit. Cindy was on the back porch, taking in some cool morning air and getting just a bit of nutrition! Here's hoping the worst for this week is over!

posted by Libby


  1. Cindy: I cannot empathize regarding chemo, just sympathize. In my mind the little chemo men are now inside chewing up and spitting out the bad cells, thus creating compost- as your body clears that crappy compost residue out you will begin to feel better. Kind of like the old Pac-man game. You can visualize them eating up the cancer cells and spitting the poison out. I am thinking of you- Mary

  2. Oh dear sister Cinny~
    Is this how the Creator feels when He watches His children suffer, knowing in the end it will make us better? Tough job He has! Hard to be the sufferer.
    Love you!Hang tough!